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Minimum Widthdraw: 10 ZOC.
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About 01Coin
01coin aims to become the most community-centric project in all of crypto. Born out of its own ashes when the original development team mysteriously disappeared one month after the coin launched, it is now completely managed and operated by the community. This includes a large and dedicated team of community moderators always ready and willing to help new users. It also includes a strong principle of community governance: no decision will be made unilaterally by a single individual or by an oligarchy of the few. Every step forward for 01coin will be determined by community votes and masternode governance. As such, we donít know yet exactly what 01coin will look like a year from now, but we do know it will look exactly like the coin you want it to be.

Last 10 Payouts
24588819-04-2019 08:08:07ZTUk8Lmhb2tz1ht... pending0.14 ZOC
24565019-04-2019 07:57:57ZTUk8Lmhb2tz1ht... pending0.16 ZOC
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24488219-04-2019 07:26:42ZTUk8Lmhb2tz1ht... pending0.17 ZOC
24463419-04-2019 07:16:16ZTUk8Lmhb2tz1ht... pending0.12 ZOC
24437319-04-2019 07:06:10ZTUk8Lmhb2tz1ht... pending0.18 ZOC
24409919-04-2019 06:55:32ZTUk8Lmhb2tz1ht... pending0.17 ZOC
24378619-04-2019 06:45:18ZTUk8Lmhb2tz1ht... pending0.10 ZOC
24316119-04-2019 06:27:13ZTUk8Lmhb2tz1ht... pending0.14 ZOC
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Please consider donating to keep the faucet alive. Address:ZP1iEFADdzx6ihgXpYBfZq4ktGPwQ6kn5y