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About EmergenyCoin

When Bitcoin was started 2009, it was a very new technology with a view supporters. But it grows as the first cryptocurrency with a huge success. As it was growing since today new cryptocurrencies occurred with different ideas. Our idea is to create a stable working coin which has a good proofed algorithm with several advantages in opposite of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and helps non profit organisation in emergency medicine or civil protection to work.

EmergencyCoin is based on the Scrypt protokoll with Proof of Stake algorithm which has been used for more than 8 years. So there are multiple advantages to other coins/protocoll:

  • no mining with much energy consumtion
  • Fast transactions with Block time of 1 minute
  • no "nothing of stacke" problem and further development because of coin distribution
We would be glad to inform you with more details written down in the whitepaper.
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Last 10 Payouts
4542006-02-2019 07:10:25EaL67PMbXAKPwJL... pending1.36 ENY
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4536606-02-2019 05:19:38EJf5PcxPif9qpmo... pending2.81 ENY
4536506-02-2019 05:18:53EcnZ2YeTzR6YuEh...6.84 ENY
4534706-02-2019 04:57:05EMZh6hHswbJfJxp... pending4.29 ENY
4532306-02-2019 04:27:22EYWXzyRaUoa8Gkg... pending7.88 ENY
4529506-02-2019 03:54:54EJs8an59t9RG77K... pending1.13 ENY
4526506-02-2019 03:16:37EJf5PcxPif9qpmo...2.98 ENY
4526006-02-2019 03:15:27EcnZ2YeTzR6YuEh... pending3.54 ENY
4524306-02-2019 02:41:03EftMTrRGxsDZDLK... pending2.55 ENY
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