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Available Balance: -2.1829999999586 MTS
Payout:0.2 to 1 MTS every 2 minutes
Pending Payout: 172.54 MTS
Minimum Widthdraw: 40 MTS.
Already Paid:6191.3829999999 MTS with 10329 total payouts.
Faucet Address:MHwkJCW7qW2QzTU9c6FvRjHtLSXtyNRgdJ
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About MotosCoin
Motos is the Best PoS Mining Coin and will be the First to use Crypto as a Payment Method for in-Game Platform and Payments For Shopping Cards Such as Paypal/Amazon/Walmart Etc Which will Be Available On The Motos Site Once Constructed.

It pays an annual interest rate of <150%> using its own PoS staking method.

Last 10 Payouts
26609120-04-2019 10:19:59MLv6gMdsaXcWsAs...0.57 MTS
26605320-04-2019 10:17:30MLv6gMdsaXcWsAs... pending0.95 MTS
26597820-04-2019 10:11:20MLv6gMdsaXcWsAs... pending0.99 MTS
26593920-04-2019 10:08:39MFthuTfGBkVnQr6... pending0.70 MTS
26590620-04-2019 10:05:24MLv6gMdsaXcWsAs... pending0.23 MTS
26583320-04-2019 09:58:32MLv6gMdsaXcWsAs... pending0.29 MTS
26580820-04-2019 09:56:23MFthuTfGBkVnQr6... pending0.19 MTS
26578420-04-2019 09:54:00MFthuTfGBkVnQr6... pending0.94 MTS
26576320-04-2019 09:52:35MLv6gMdsaXcWsAs... pending0.82 MTS
26574320-04-2019 09:51:10MFthuTfGBkVnQr6... pending0.58 MTS
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117-04-2019 17:18:19199.80 MTS3040
216-04-2019 23:44:5799.80 MTS1744
312-04-2019 21:49:424,999.80 MTS4316
410-04-2019 16:22:49889.80 MTS7059
Summary6,189.20 MTS

Please consider donating to keep the faucet alive. Address:MHwkJCW7qW2QzTU9c6FvRjHtLSXtyNRgdJ